Black Pomegranate Luxury Candle

Our best selling candle
Bring the rich and decadent fragrance of Black Pomegranate into your home. The complex combination of delicious dark red fruits blended with sandalwood and spicy patchouli will awaken the senses and bring an air of opulence to your home. Our best-selling candle!

We think you'll love our new-look luxury candles! Luxury candles now feature gorgeous white glassware and come complete with either stainless steel or timber lids. In addition, we are now using our own bespoke natural rapeseed / coconut wax blend. This has all the eco-friendly credentials that you value, but with the performance to rival mineral wax.

Please note Black Pomegranate Candles with Timber Lids are now sold out. Candles ordered will be supplied with shiny stainless steel lids

Featured Ingredient:  Myrrh Oil

This smoky, beautifully aromatic oil is highly valued in aromatherapy as a sedative, antidepressant and as a promoter of spiritual feelings. No wonder Black Pomegranate has such a seductive scent!

Featured Ingredient:  Clove Bud Oil

Aromatic clove bud essential oil possesses a strong, warm and spicy aroma which is invigorating and mentally stimulating. Did you know? The ancient Persians supposedly used clove oil as a love potion!
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